Webinar with Dr. Robert Kloner – Ischemic Conditioning Therapy

08 Nov Webinar with Dr. Robert Kloner – Ischemic Conditioning Therapy

webinar-2015-lungsDr. Robert Kloner recently participated in a webinar event prior to the 2015 Annual Scientific Session of the American Heart Association. The webinar’s topic was Ischemic Conditioning Therapy.  The webinar took place on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 from Noon to 2pm.

To watch the recorded webinar, click on the link below:

Click Here to Watch Recorded Webinar

Dr. Kloner is the Director of Cardiovascular Research Institute and Vice President of Translation at the Huntington Medical Research Institutes in Pasadena, CA. and Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Dr. Kloner received his MD and PhD degrees from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago and clinical and research fellowships in medicine and cardiology at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he served as Assistant and then Associate Professor.