Marie Csete MD, PhD


Marie Csete MD, PhD

Chief Executive & Science Officer; Director, Cell & Tissue Biology

Marie Csete, MD, PhD, Chief Executive & Science Officer


Dr. Marie Csete serves as HMRI’s Chief Executive & Science Officer.  She has direct oversight of research program operations, research program planning and research regulatory compliance.


Dr. Csete grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Princeton University as a music major, playing the French horn.  She graduated from medical school at Columbia in New York City, and then did her residency in anesthesiology and critical care medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.


In anesthesiology clinical practice, teaching and research at the University of California San Francisco, UCLA and UC Irvine, she focused on patients undergoing liver transplants.  Mid-career, she returned to school at Caltech, where she focused on stem cell biology and earned her Ph.D.  At Caltech, she received the prestigious Clauser Prize for best dissertation.  Subsequently, she held medical school faculty positions at the University of Michigan and at Emory University in Atlanta.


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In addition to her anMarie Csete-President-Chief-Scientistesthesiology faculty duties at Emory, she headed the joint Emory-Georgia Tech stem cell laboratory.  Then, with the passing of California’s Proposition 71 stem cell research funding initiative, she became the Chief Scientific Officer of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which was funded by the initiative.


Later, she was Executive VP at Organovo and Division Director of the cellular therapies program at the American Association of Blood Banks in Bethesda, Maryland.  Dr. Csete has also consulted for academics and industry scientists who are developing regenerative medicine therapies. She is on the editorial boards of “Stem Cells Translational Medicine,” “Anesthesia and Analgesia,” and the “Encyclopedia of Human Biology,” and is the holder of three U.S. patents.  She serves on several national grant review committees and chairs the BIMR Grant Review Committee.


Her husband, John Doyle, is Jean-Lou Chameau Professor at Caltech.  He works on the mathematical foundations of complex, dynamic systems.  Dr. Csete is an urban jogger.  Her hobbies include collecting textiles, cooking, and visiting museums.


To learn more about what makes HMRI thrive, read a published article in California Healthcare News by Marie Csete, MD, PhD, Chief Executive & Science Officer of Huntington Medical Research Institutes.