Staff Directory

HMRI Staff Directory



Allyson B. Simpson JD, Vice President of Development and Communications

Susie Berry, Director of Development and Communications

Denise Chacon, Philanthropy Coordinator




Frank G. Davis MBA, Vice President of Finance, Interim CEO

James G. Kingman, Special Projects Administrator

Susan Pankow, Administrative Assistant

Mary Franklin, Accounting Assistant

Mandy Lai, Staff Accountant

Todd Franklin, Facilities Specialist

David Strickland, Operations Manager

Mary Vega, Administrative Assistant




Robert A. Kloner MD, PhD, VP of Translation, Director of Cardiovascular Research Institute, Interim CSO

Wangde Dai PhD, Research Investigator

Sharon Hale, Administrative Assistant

Jianru Shi PhD, Research Investigator




Andrea Loewendorf PhD, Research Scientist

Eric Hubbard, Research Technician

Ana Murillo, Lab Assistant




Kevin S. King MD, Director, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research

Thao Tran, Senior MR Technologist

Darlene Royal, Administrative Assistant

Karen Chu, MR Research Assistant

Ke Wei, MR Research Assistant




Juan Carreno, Pre-Clinical Resources Manager

JoEllen Lemke, Pre-Clinical Resources Tech

Franchesca Sanchez, Pre-Clinical Resources Tech




Colorectal and Pelvis Surgery


Howard Kaufman MD, Colorectal Surgery Director

Raquel Fontaine, Administrative Assistant

Lorena Hidario, Medical Assistant

Kristine Verdell, Registered Nurse


HMRI Liver Center


Myron J. Tong MD, PhD, HMRI Liver Center Director

Lori Tong RN, MSN, Clinical Nurse

Mary Rappoport, RN, MS, Clinical Trial Coordinator

Evelyn Herrera, Medical Assistant


Prostate Research


Lawrence W. Jones MD, Prostate Director

Jill Nuccio, Administrative Assistant




Michael G. Harrington MD, Molecular Neurology Director

Alfred N. Fonteh PhD, Biochemist

Xianghong Arakaki MD, PhD, Research Fellow

Noah Gross PhD, Neuroscientist

David Buennagel, Research Coordinator

Betty Chung, Pre-Award Administrator


James Sonner MD, Senior Research Scientist


Neurosciences / Neural Engineering


Douglas B. McCreery PhD, Neural Engineering Director

Jesus Chavez, Research Associate

Aloysius Kowalewski, Electrode Fabricator

Yelena Smirnova, Microdevices Fabrication Specialist