Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

HMRI’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program provides MDs, PhDs, and MD/PhDs rigorous scientific training, mentoring, and a rich research environment supplemented by close interactions with colleagues at nearby universities, including Caltech, USC, and others.

Fellows will obtain hands-on experience carrying out studies in HMRI’s four major areas of research:

  1. Brain research with focus on Alzheimer’s disease and Migraine
  2. Imaging and spectroscopy of the brain, blood vessels, and heart
  3. The study of heart attack and ways to reduce cell death during heart attack, models of heart failure, models of cardiogenic shock, studies of cardio-toxic substances, e-cigarettes.
  4. Studies specifically focused on the connection between the brain and heart disease


The training will include the following:

  1. How to determine what an important scientific question is, why it matters to humankind, and how to perform a proper review of the literature, to be sure that the question they are asking has not already been answered.
  2. How to design studies to answer the scientific question.
  3. How to run complex experiments on highly sophisticated scientific instruments, in some cases how to carry out surgical procedures, and how to store and interpret data.
  4. How to avoid scientific pitfalls and potential problems in designing and carrying out their studies. How to carry out honest and ethical research.
  5. How to synthesize their data, how to explain the findings to other scientists and the lay public, and how to write reports and papers for eventual publication in peer review journals.
  6. Lectures on topics including brain, heart disease, imaging, and the brain-heart connection.
  7. Attendance at an annual grant writing seminar.
  8. Participation in a monthly journal club, where a key scientific paper is critiqued.

Annually, the program supervisor and Senior Scientific Directors will review the fellows’ progress and provide written feedback. Benchmarks for success of the fellows over the two-year program would include completing one or two major research projects from start to finish including conceptualization of the project, learning new research techniques, successfully gathering data, successfully carrying out record keeping to store the data,  successfully interpreting data, carrying the project to completion, writing a report, presenting their data to their peers at an annual fellows’ symposium, writing an abstract for presentation at a national scientific meeting, writing  a full length manuscript for consideration of publication in a well-respected peer review journal, and preparing a well written grant for early career investigators that could be submitted to a national granting agency such as the National Institutes of Health.


Applicants for the HMRI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program must have completed a PhD, an MD, or an MD, PhD program and have proof of completion and degree by June 30, 2019.

At the time of acceptance into the fellowship program, the applicant may have no more than five (5) years of research training or experience since obtaining a post-baccalaureate doctoral-level degree.


Fellowships run up to 24 months. Salary is determined based on MD/PhD receipt date according to a set salary schedule, which begins at $54,080.00 up to a maximum of $59,000.00 plus benefits. Postdocs also receive up to $2,500 annually to support computing, travel and research needs.

Number of YearsAverage Annual Salary
Less than 1 year$54,080.00
1 year$54,500.00
2 years$56,000.00
3 years$57,500.00
4 years$59,000.00


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through HMRI will hire no more than four postdocs per year. A complete application packet consists of the following:

  • Applicant contact information
  • Personal statement outlining your scholarly agenda: completed research (including dissertation), plans for the two-year fellowship (including new research beyond the dissertation), and any other information related to your professional goals (1,500-word limit) (uploaded PDF)
  • Curriculum vitae (uploaded PDF)
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation (uploaded PDF)
  • Relevant transcripts from graduate studies (uploaded PDF)
  • Copies of any published abstracts or papers in the last 5 years (uploaded PDF)

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Fellowship applications are evaluated by HMRI Senior Staff and Scientific Directors.