Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular Research

Heart Attack is a major killer of men and women. Heart attacks occur when blood flow to the heart muscle gets cut off. The bigger the heart attack (lots of cells die) the more likely it is to cause death or heart failure, because the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body’s oxygen needs. Our goal is to reduce the size of heart attacks by using experimental drugs and noninvasive techniques, cooling and pre-conditioning. We think these techniques will preserve heart muscle cells and enhance the ability of the heart to pump blood.  These therapies have the potential to save millions of lives each year and improve the quality of life after a heart attack.

Assessing Heart Function with a Non-invasive Cell Phone Application.

With Dr. Niema Pahlevan, we have developed a cell phone application that allows a non-invasive assessment of heart function. With this app, you simply place a cell phone against your neck and the motion of the carotid artery is recorded and the data sent to your doctor. This device will help diagnose and treat heart failure, which can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Therapies for Hemorrhagic Shock.

Hemorrhagic shock is a condition resulting from massive blood loss over an extended period (gunshot wound, internal bleeding). When this occurs, even blood transfusions cannot prevent death. It is the leading cause of death of our soldiers on the battlefield and death in civilians due to accidents. We are using experimental drugs and noninvasive techniques (a technique called pre-conditioning which is temporary inflation/deflation of a blood pressure cuff) which trains the body to survive devastating blood loss. The impact on human health is that these novel therapies can save lives.