Cardiovascular Research Returns

Dr. Kloner and his World-Class Research Team
will be directing HMRI’s research in heart disease


Molecular Neurology Research

HMRI is engaged in research to extend the knowledge
base of the brain that will enable better diagnoses and
more effective treatments for brain diseases.

Multidisciplinary, Patient-Focused Research

About HMRI


HMRI is a nonprofit research organization. Our scientists work together across traditional clinical disciplines to understand the causes of common disease processes, and develop new therapies.

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HMRI is engaged in creative research and clinical study of neurologic, cardiac, gastrointestinal, liver and reproductive disorders. More information can be found on our scientists’ pages.

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HMRI Programs


HMRI conducts basic and patient-focused research covering a wide spectrum of common disease processes. More information about each program can be found on our research programs page.

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Make A Gift


Our research depends on the generosity of individuals and institutions. We want donors to be invested in the research they support and encourage donors to designate their gifts to specific programs.

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Researcher Spotlight:

Dr. Katherine CastorDr. Katherine Castor


Dr. Castor works closely with Drs. Michael Harrington and Alfred Fonteh to analyze metabolites in body fluids obtained from study participants involved in the Alzheimer’s studies using gas and liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry techniques.
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Researcher Spotlight:

Dr. Alfred FontehDr. Alfred Fonteh


Dr. Fonteh’s desire to use state of the art technology (negative ion-chemical ionization, mass spectroscopy/gas chromatography) to characterize molecular species of phospholipids and fatty acids critical to allergic and inflammatory diseases.

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HMRI has a long, storied-tradition of supporting post-doctoral education, most notably with the Boswell Fellowship.

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Speakers Bureau


HMRI investigators can explain their cutting-edge science to lay audiences and scientifically sophisticated audiences alike.

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Media and News


Our press releases, videos, publications and newsworthy events highlight the latest scientific developments at HMRI.

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Upcoming Events


The HMRI Seminar Series features a wide range of interesting scientific and medical topics, and is open to the public to attend.

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Huntington Medical Research Institutes


Huntington Medical Research Institutes (HMRI) is an independent, non-profit organization located in Pasadena, California. The Institutes improve health and prolong lives by conducting biomedical research and through the development and application of new technology for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.


HMRI’s goal is to improve health by improving medicine. Adding quality years to life is the ultimate gauge of our success.  To learn more about what makes HMRI thrive, read a published article in California Healthcare News by Marie Csete, MD, PhD, President of Huntington Medical Research Institutes and Chief Scientist.

HMRI Lecture Series

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HMRI Medical ResearchHMRI Newsletter

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2014 Annual Report

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