Changing Lives through
Patient-Focused Research

HELP Advance Medical Research.



Partnering with volunteer study participants to find cures for common diseases such as Alzheimer’s and migraine

Cardiovascular ResearchCardiovascular Research


Developing better diagnostic tools and therapies to treat life threatening cardiac conditions

Clinical Research ProgramsClinical Research Programs


Physician directed liver cancer, hepatitis and colorectal disease research

Recent News & Events
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HMRI Research Assistant Karen Chu Presenting a Poster at ISMRM in Paris

Karen Chu, Research Assistant at HMRI Imaging Center, presenting her poster titled “Decreased Cerebral Blood Volume Among Those with Chronic Brain Insult in.. Read More →

Dr. Kloner, Dr. King and Dr. Harrington author a paper titled The Non-Reflow Phenomenon in Heart and Brain

Dr. Kloner, Dr. King and Dr. Harrington published a paper in the American Journal of Physiology, Heart and Circulatory Physiology last Friday, June.. Read More →

Pasadena Outlook: “Biomedical Research Facility Opens in Pasadena”

Pasadena Outlook has published an article on HMRI in the paper’s Thursday, May 10, 2018 edition entitled, “Biomedical Research Facility Opens in Pasadena.”.. Read More →