Kevin S. King MD

Kevin S. King MD

Director of Imaging Research

Research Focus

Dr. King, a Harvard Medical School graduate with research training from MIT, joined the HMRI team on July 1, 2016. Dr. King previously served as an Assistant Professor of Radiology at USC Keck School of Medicine, where he participated in the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center’s vascular cohort. Dr. King was previously a researcher on the Dallas Heart Study based at University of Texas-Southwestern in Dallas, investigating the use of MRI to understand the role of vascular disease in the brain and served as co-director of the imaging core for their Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

Currently, Dr. King is seeking to use non-invasive imaging methods to better understand changes in the brain’s vascular function due to aging and disease, continuing a long tradition of excellence and innovation in these areas of imaging research at HMRI. The long-term goal of this work is to enable early assessment of disease onset, so that therapies can be initiated before disease is too advanced. Clinical trials and medicine generally need objective non-invasive end-points to be able to follow response to therapies, and MRI end-points are critical for advancing therapies.

Last year, HMRI installed a second MRI which will be dedicated to clinical research under Dr. King’s leadership. This state-of-the-art magnet allows HMRI investigators to probe the anatomic and chemical causes of disease. The machine is equipped with specialized coils to facilitate investigation of chemical processes, such as those involved in core metabolism and energy. These chemical pathways change as we age and with disease, and imaging these reactions represents the future in non-invasive diagnostics.