Education & Public ProgramsPaige and Deepika (2)

HMRI provides advanced training in magnetic resonance imaging, co-sponsors postdoctoral fellowships with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and hosts a summer internship program for college and graduate level science students to explore careers in medical research.


The Boswell fellowship is a competitive post-doctoral program through which Caltech post-docs can perform full-time medically-focused research at HMRI.  Our undergraduate research program with southern California colleges and universities allows students interested in devoting more than one year (part-time) and one summer (full-time) to work with experienced laboratory and clinical scientists.  These programs are also highly competitive and attract students from Occidental, Scripps, Pomona, Keck Graduate Institute, including post-baccalaureate students as well as undergraduates and recent medical school graduates.  Admissions is on a rolling basis.


HMRI also offers community education for individuals through its Medical Research Council, including programs on current and emerging research and the clinical applications for saving, extending and improving quality of life.